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Wellbeing, emotions management, stress, concentration, sleep disorders, lack of self-confidence, anger, demotivation, burnout,  exhaustion,...

Sophrology in the service of your wellness.



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Bien-être au quotidien, gestion des émotions, stress, concentration, troubles du sommeil, manque de confiance, colère, démotivation, burnout,  fatigue,...

La Sophrologie au service de votre mieux-être.



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Elise Mania - Sophrologist in Annemasse (FR)

Paramedical Centre

18 Rue du Commerce 74100 Annemasse

Centre paramédical

18 Rue du Commerce 74100 Annemasse


What is Sophrology?

Sophrology* is a psycho-physical method which targets personal development or therapeutic purposes. From wellbeing to medical treatment support, Sophrology adapts to your need and your physical condition through tailor-made protocols.

This discipline helps you developing your consciousness to reach the harmony between body and mind.


Sophrology is based on breathing, muscle relaxation and positive visualisation.


*Sophrology does not replace a medical treatment.

In-depth treatment


- One-hour-session

- Preferably, one session per week

- A whole protocol combines several sessions

Please note...

There are no known side effects. However, not being used of focusing on the breath can create slight discomforts. Thus, we can prevent it by practicing in a seated position.

The Sophrologist's main tool is his/her own voice. Fragrances, music and touch are useless to the practice.

Sophrology sessions can be covered and refunded by some mutual health insurances. Please contact yours for more information.

The Sophrology training is a long-term training combining, at least, 300h of theoretical courses and practical workshops.

What are the differences with Psychology?

- PRACTICE: In Sophrology, it is all about practicing gentle or a bit more dynamic exercises. They are based on breathing, muscle relaxation and positive visualisation. All these tools enable you to manage all aspects of everyday life.


- COMMUNICATION: Short discussions with the Sophrologist focus on the feelings you experienced during the practice.


- ABILITIES: Your abilities emanate through Sophrology. Thus, we develop and stimulate you resources to face a complex situation.

That is why, Sophrology is a perfect match for Psychology.