Wellbeing, emotions management, stress, concentration, sleep disorders, lack of self-confidence, anger, demotivation, burnout,  exhaustion,...

Sophrology in the service of your wellness.



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Bien-être au quotidien, gestion des émotions, stress, concentration, troubles du sommeil, manque de confiance, colère, démotivation, burnout,  fatigue,...

La Sophrologie au service de votre mieux-être.



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Elise Mania - Sophrologist in Annemasse (FR)

Paramedical Centre

18 Rue du Commerce 74100 Annemasse

Centre paramédical

18 Rue du Commerce 74100 Annemasse

How to choose the right service for me?

Sophrology or Relaxation care?


Sophrology and relaxation cares both have common goals: to reach your potential, to relax your body, to find the right balance between body and mind...


To choose the right service for you, you will have to determine the type of approach and process you feel comfortable with.


So, are you hesitating between wellness and wellness?


Here is a recap to guide you in your final decision. Please feel free to contact me for any further information.

Make an appointment:


+33 6 10 20 70 66


  Sophrology Relaxation care

 To reinforce self-confidence

yes yes
 To manage stress and anger
yes yes
 To prevent depression
yes yes
 To detoxify the body - yes
Therapist's information during the session
yes -
 Active involvement from the client
yes -
 Position Seated and/or standing Lying (1h treatment), Seated (30min. break)
 Relaxing music during the session
- yes
 Online consultation available
yes -